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Demented Affection


Dashelia Goodwin amazes readers in her book, Demented Affection. The main character, Hannah’s innocence was taken at a young age. After years of abuse, and no help from her mother, Hannah began to battle with the voices in her head. Should she or should she not kill them is the question. As an adult and now a marriage counselor, she loathes all men and will use her beauty to make them a pawn, then get revenge.

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Demented Affection II


Dashelia Goodwin thrills readers yet again in her second installment: Demented Affection II .

Hannah spent years on the run, and her life continued to spiral out of control; more drugs and sex. She soon has a wakeup call… a baby girl Emilee. Hannah decides to get her life on track, but it may just be too late. Emilee grows up to be as beautiful as Hannah was in her youth. But it turns out she is torn between the angel on her right shoulder and the devil on her left. What direction will she go in and what became of Hannah?

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