Movie Production Packages

Short Film(Filming & Editing Fees)

5-15min short film:  3 locations: 10 hour production-$3,500 per day

(Production only) $1,500 per day

(Editing only) $50 per hour

15-30 min short film: 4 locations: 10 hour production-$4,000 per day

(Production only) $2,000 per day

(Editing only) $50 per hour


Feature Film(Filming & Editing Fees)

 1 hour-1.5 hours: 10-12 hour production-$5,000 per day

the cost of the production will vary depending on the type of film, locations and the production value incorporated into the film, special effects, stunts, etc will cost additional fees. *Additional fees may be applied for permits*